Applicant Registration

If you want to view all of the applications that you have submitted under a logged in account you can create an Applicant Account.  


Only applications submitted with the same email will be shown under your applicant account unless you create a company profile and add additional Applicant Member Accounts.


Register for a SkipThePaper Applicant account by following these instructions:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the Register link at the top right of the page:
  3. Select the Applicants option:
  4. Complete the registration information and click "Register"
  5. You will soon receive an email with your login information and a link to the website to login:
  6. On the main website, click on the Log In link:
  7. Enter your user name and password provided:
  8. When you first log in, you will be asked to update your security question:


    Updating the security question is important! The only way to reset the password if forgotten is with your security question.


    1. To update or modify your security question:

      1. Click on the welcome link and then click on the gear on the top right hand side of the page:
      2. Select the password link:
      3. Click on the "change" link next to the Security Question line:
      4. Enter your current password, create a security question and a security answer: 
      5. Click the  button when you have finished.
  9. Once you have logged in and have updated your security question you will be directed to your submission console:

From the submission console you can:

  1. View the application 
    1. Add Attachments to an application in any status other than complete/denied 
    2. Add comments to an application in any status other than complete/denied 

  2. View the status of the application
    1. Status is shown with a series of flags:  completed,  in review,  pending, , on hold, and  denied.
  3. View the final Report 

  4. If the application may be renewed you can do so from here.