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This overview document is intended to inform you of how OnlinRME, LLC fits into your Health Jurisdictions operational plan.  The following sections have been written to help you understand the primary features of the services that OnlineRME provides.


OnlineRME, LLC has developed 2 software services:

  1. OnlineRME – Designed for the management of Septic Systems and FOG Programs.
  2. SkipThePaper – Designed to accommodate any online application and form process customized to the jurisdiction.

Both services can be used together or separately.  They also can be used independently of any internal systems, although most counties use the services as supplemental tools to their already existing internal data systems.

The service program is intended to be used by the county at no cost.  Setup, maintenance, support, etc. are all free.  Costs are recouped through a small service fee associated with specific activities.


To learn more about the fees, please review the fee schedule section.

Services Detail: